Off Season Training

You may be thinking that next season is months away… but if you want to be ready for tryouts, now is really the time you should be starting to focus on what you need to do.

We’ve borrow some material from some of the great sources out there, but we recommend sourcing out your own as well.   Here are some things to get you started.

From Ultimate Rob

I do find a few things will be important to your training success:

  1. Eating enough – especially important when you’re training is to eat healthy. I wouldn’t recommend going on some bullshit diet (ie cut out XX for a few weeks). Eat a balanced diet (you should ideally know what you need to eat to feel healthy by now) and if you’re not sure what that is, go talk to a nutritionist. There are a ton of books that give you suggestions but again, it will be the meal plan that works for you.
  2. Proper technique – this is huge. I’ve seen so many people who don’t have good form and they’re not as fast, they get hurt more often and they’re not in as good shape as those with good form. Watch videos that teach you the proper technique, go to a track coach who can help you or talk to someone who have good form. You will notice an immediate difference in your performance. This also applies to doing weights and any sort of training – See more at:

From UltiWorld


Perhaps nothing is more important to improving as a player than getting stronger. “It’s strength before power,” Morrill explained. “Strength is the precursor to power. We’ve got to build that base, build the capacity to produce force, and then we’ve got to do it in a short amount of time and that’s power.”

Many Ultimate players focus too much on the little things — like jump training and endurance — and not enough on building a bigger engine.


Morrill is currently working with Boston’s elite club teams Ironside and Brute Squad to improve their strength, speed, and conditioning. His main conditioning workout he calls the 10-cut agility. It involves ten 180 degree direction changes in around 30 seconds of sprinting, and then 90 seconds of rest. Yesterday, Ironside and Brute Squad did that twelve times.

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