Emmanuel Belliveau

Player #77

Zen (Mixed – 2006, 2007, 2009)
Tundra (Mixed – 2009-2010)

The people. Nothing beats playing with great people. Sure wining is fun, but the expectation to always win is often met with loses. As a team, how you work together has a direct relation on your ability to bounce back from a few bad points. Doing that takes understanding and appreciating the people you play with. There is a rare occasion when one person can change the game.. but its ultimate and unlike basketball or hockey, you cannot pass to yourself. I remember nationals in Halifax specifically as being a great team to be on. We had fun and I think we may have won the party!

Be prepared to commit to the program. There are a lot of weekends away from the city, lots of week nights away from friends/significant others. So, if your going to play, put both feet in. Your teammates rely on you like you rely on them. You don’t want to be the team-mate who half asses at practice. When the game is on the line, you want the person beside you that practiced perfect so they would be ready when the time comes. On the social side… it’s a great atmosphere, meet new people, see different towns, form new friendships and be a part a great touring legacy. Zen is a great system to be apart of. Blue has done an amazing job to keep the spirit of the game alive within this system.