Bill Boyer

Player #31

Never/Smell my Mule – (Masters – 2001)
ATP (Masters – 2002-2003)
MMV (Mixed – 2004)
Too Bad (Open – 2004)
Zen (Mixed – 2005-2006)
MAO (Masters – 2007)
Karma (Open – 2009)
Team Canada (Grandmasters – 2015, World Beach Ultimate Championships)

My favourite memory with the team was giving Chaos a great game in the quarter finals and ending up a satisfying 7th overall at Nationals in 2006, after coming out of Ontario as the 3rd team.

On a personal level, at the same tournament, after getting hand-blocked about 15 yards from our endzone, getting a huge layout D on a hammer to prevent the other team from breaking us.

If you’re new to the touring scene, I would advise you to be seen. Go to tryouts, go to pickup, join high level league teams, get to know people. There are so many people trying out for touring teams that it’s hard to get noticed if people don’t already know who you are. Throughout this process, figure out what you’ve got to do to improve your game and increase your chances of making a touring team.