Thompson McKnight

Player #44
Thompson is a player who came up through the entire club system in Toronto. From his days as a junior, all the way to his current role on Toronto’s team in the first professional ultimate league in North America.

DIRT (Juniors – 2005)
Zen (Mixed – 2006)
Grand Trunk (Open – 2007)
GOAT (Open – 2008-2017)
RUSH (Professional – AUDL – 2017)

My favourite memory is probably the 2006 Canadian National Championships. Finishing 7th was awesome! I also just had a great time in Halifax with the team.

Advice for people new to touring would be to find a role model a level up from your current game who has a similar style as you and watch the things they do that are effective… but try and avoid the really flashy stuff, that should come naturally not by trying because it looks cool.

Players who may be thinking of touring should jump in. It is a great way to meet a ton of great people and get a ton of exercise while having a great time!