Angie Hughes

Player #7

Ottawa GG’s (University – )
BigFish (Mixed – )
Trainwreck (Mixed – 2011)
Zen (Mixed – 2013)

Tough question because there are various memories that flood my mind and make me smile when thinking back on Zen! Here are a few that stand out: Beating Whiplash on the Sunday at Regionals in 2013 was big moment for us, and I was so proud of the team (exhausted, but so happy!). Getting 3 Callahans in our first 3 games we ever played together as a team, definitely a talented bunch. Giving BFC a spanking in the pouring rain at No Borders that year was also huge. But one of my fondest memories would have to be off field, when we were all dressed up ridiculously (but still looking super fly, might I add) to dance the night away in Guelph, and boy did we dance!

Touring is a big commitment that will eat up a lot of your summer, but in the process you will make great friends, memories, have a blast, all while staying in shape…I’d say its a win-win experience.

If you’re competitive, want to take your skills to the next level, are a team player, love to play silly games and have fun -Touring in Ultimate is for you!