Kieran Bol

Player #22

BigFish (Mixed – 2011 (C)
Zen (Mixed – 2012 (C), 2013)

There are so many moments I love!  My personal favorite moment was going into beast mode and demolishing Wannabago in Montreal.  My favorite team on-field moment was at regionals in 2013 when we made a good run to get in the game to go vs BFC, and made an epic game of it!  My favorite off-field moment was probably Stall Fall in 2013 but especially Cam‘s “Go Fuck Yourself” to the bouncer.

You get out what you put in. If you commit to it, tourneys and practices are just a chance to hang out with your friends while getting a whole lot better at ultimate. If you are only halfway in, it can feel like a chore.