Marcel Corniellis

Player #6

Zen (Mixed – 2010-2011, 2013)

When we beat Glide in the game to go to Nationals in 2011. I was super pumped to qualify for my first Nationals and I felt like I worked so hard that year to get there so it was a real satisfying and fun moment!

I would encourage anyone who loves the game of ultimate, wants to get better or wants to just have a super awesome summer, to just go and give touring a try. The amount of ultimate knowledge you get from just one summer of touring will make so much of a better ultimate player. But most importantly, the characters you meet, friends you make and relationships and you build along the way in just one summer of touring is amazing and is something you will probably never forget. I met my wife and some of my best friends touring and I’m so glad I just went and tried it out.