Selina Truong

Player #

Zen (Mixed – 2012)

My favourite memory with Zen is eating at Tucker’s Marketplace in Ottawa after playing the 1st day of No Borders in 2012. I was just super content to be filling my tummy with yummy food along with my fellow Zen teammates. We faced some strong teams that day and did pretty well, so I definitely left no regrets on the field. And that feeling just carried over to dinner and for the rest of the tournament. It was one of the best tournament I’ve played in, in all respects!

Tour! It’s so much fun, you will learn a lot and make a ton of friends. Touring keeps your summer days busy and you’re constantly learning new things. Of course, there will always be drama, dispute over play time, lack of attendance, etc, etc. But you can always ignore the negativity and focus on developing on your skills. Use your time and the resources provided wisely so that you get the most out of your first touring experience.