Johanna Elias

Player #26

Zen (Mixed – 2010-2011)
Lotus (Womens – 2012)
Terra (Women’s Masters – 2013)

Regionals 2011; our universe point win over Wreck. The players on the field may have scored that point, but not without our team-mates on the sidelines.

For those thinking about touring, put aside your doubts and come out to tryouts. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet other ulti-heads, but you’ll have a chance to play and learn from some of the best players in the city. Sure it can be nerve racking, but life is boring if you don’t take a chance or two.

Secondly, that age old saying “if you don’t succeed, try try again” is important. Getting cut from a squad is not the worse thing in the world. Take the feedback from your tryout and improve on it for the following year.

For those new to touring;

1. Practice makes perfect. Work on your throws outside of your team practices. Identify which throws are your weakest, and work on them regularly a few times a week.

2. Commit to doing your fitness. Trust me when I say that you’ll question your sanity multiple times during your sprint workouts, but you’ll also thank yourself when you’re playing game six of a seven game tournament (in 30C weather).

3. Touring is an incredible experience; enjoy it! At some point in time you are going to step away from touring and realize that, in between the wins and the losses, you have accumulated some truly special memories. You will develop some pretty intense rivalries on the field, but also incredible friendships off the field.