Shawn Huynh

Player #21 (2014, 2017), #0 (2018)

Shawn has a lot of experience with Ultimate, and it shows.  He is one of those rare players who has had enough time on the field to have a good opinion on how thing should work, but still wants to try new things and develop as a player.  Shawn’s dedication often has him hosting his own mini-practices on the side, and he’ll spend hours tossing after games.  His enthusiasm for practice is a model every player should aim for, in any sport.  At time of writing he’s almost developed a full squat, and if you know Shawn, you know that’s something.

Comments from Shawn’s teammates:
Shawn loves the sport like no other. Always eager to learn, always ready to throw, always watching videos and reading articles. His enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. He’ll go far out of his way for his team, always there when you need him. Secure in his talents and knowledge, he’s ready to play whatever role the team needs him in at HUNDO-P (one hundred percent)!!

When Shawn is off the field his positive attitude and analysis of the plays and game are a model for the team. His sense of time is … unique…last to show up but first to be throwing!

“Shawn stop saying HUNDO-P.”

“You can always count on Shawn to really try to be on time and to drive really fast when he’s not.”

“A surprising and soothing baritone!”


Number: 21

Is there significance behind your number?
Nope, someone else took my number previously so stuck with this one.


What do you bring to the team?
Speed, field awareness, team spirit!

Previous Experience:
Zen – 2014
Roy – 2013

Current Team(s):
Captain of Hustle & Flo (Wed. comp), Spirit Captain of Krash Kart (Mon. comp)

Least Favourite/ Favourite Fitness:
Love them all!

What is your favourite TUC League/ Team to play on? Why?
Any high level comp. TPL was pretty awesome too!

Favourite Zen Tagline

If there is anything else you would like the world to know?
Play for the team > play for yourself.

What teammate do you admire and why?
Kat and Marisa, both fun/awesome/spirited people on/off the field!

Is there any specific moment/ drill/ game that you consider a highlight of the season so far?
Union universe @ Regionals.