Gabe Gefter

Player #80

Gabe is passion. He always wants to get better and takes every opportunity to do so. Gabe exudes confidence when throwing, executing handler strikes and breaking his mark. He is loud and knows how to command a play. On defense he is focused and active on his mark, always giving 100% and never letting his match-up rest. No matter the situation, Gabe will give you his best effort in attempt to win. Look out for this youngin’ folks!

Number: 80

D-line Handler

What do you bring to the team?
Field vision, perspective and grittiness on D.

Previous Experience:
McGill Ultimate Team

Current Team(s):

Do you have a pre/post game ritual or any other superstitions?
I listen to EDM to pump myself up

Least Favourite/ Favourite Fitness:
I like mountain climbers!!!

Favourite Pump-up Song:
El Mariachi – Bassjackers

Favourite Zen Tagline
Who’s tall? Twilight

What teammate do you admire and why?
Mason – for his calm handling and aggressive D.

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