Travis DeWolf

Player #11 (2017), 23 (2018)

Travis’ strength is his versatility.  Through tryouts and the early season, Travis has shown himself to be a powerhouse on D, reliable on offence, and a surprisingly excellent Puller.  There isn’t a position on the field I wouldn’t consider putting him in, which is a great base for development.  Considering this, it might come as a surprise that I would consider his best attribute to be his attitude.  Travis comes ready to play, with a big smile and a kind heart.  He is a genuine delight to play with.

Number: 11

Is there significance behind your number?

D line striker, team eye-candy.

What do you bring to the team?
I bring a lot of smiles and 90s pop culture references half the team doesn’t get.

Previous Experience:
Acadia University, MMV

Current Team(s):
Hustle and flo, wed comp league.


Do you have a pre/post game ritual or any other superstitions?
No superstitions, I am a scientist. but meditation pre game helps focus me.

Least Favourite/ Favourite Fitness:
The triangle drill suuuuuccccked…

Favourite Pump-up Song:
X gon’ give it to ya

What is your favourite TUC League/ Team to play on? Why?
Parity, staaaatttts…

Favourite Zen Tagline

If there is anything else you would like the world to know?
Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, wake up sheeple.

What teammate do you admire and why?
Julie because she’s so wonderful and good!

Is there any specific moment/ drill/ game that you consider a highlight of the season so far?
Vs Union at regionals.

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