18 Jun 2013
June 18, 2013

Top moments from Comedy of Errors

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Let’s share our top 40 moments from the weekend, on and off the field!

1. Kicking ass on Saturday
2. Earning a last game bye – great afternoon!
3. Cam‘s amazing grabs
4. Kenn skying tall guys
5. Amazing female handling! Bromley, Deens and Shayda you rock!
6. 220 tranny
7. Sarah‘s layout Ds
8. The evolution of Gareth+Marcel…Garcel
9. Bromley‘s snacks
10. Saturday night team dinner and the Deal Breaker game
11. Tommy being 88% of the guys #1
12. Kenn‘s last second endzone catch with the defender right on him but back to the disc
13. Sarah getting team Scotland to shake/show their balls to get a treat
14. Kieran‘s lay outs…and Nadine for making him lay out
15. Cam taking out Dana and giving her a bloody nose
16. Tran‘s sweet endzone puts
17. The team for looking so fly going out to dinner! Dammmm son, we tasty!
18. 220 TRANNY! I hope he breaks into the 230 category before Regionals
19. Garcy/Mareth (I better be invited to the wedding ladies!)
20. Kieran‘s layout grabs
21. Deeners handling up a storm – you’re awesome!
22. Dana removing the bag of ice from her nose when her name was called to the line on Sunday after an unfortunate collide – such a trooper!
23. Loat‘s competency calling lines on Sunday morning – veteran
24. playing FMK
25. Bromley‘s snacks – thanks mom!
26. Ale‘s positive vibe and intensity on Sunday morning
27. Vaylen‘s grabs in the end zone
28. Groiny making a terrible throw to Cam in the end zone, watching it get D’d but not caught, and then watching Groiny punish the other team by catching the Callahan.
29. JChan – big hucks!
30. Angie‘s end zone snags
31. Wallace and Nick breaking through cups – amazing low releases
32. Tommy coming all the way to MTL to side line on his Bday – we love you!
33. Brandon, Kev and Cat for great sidelining, despite injuries
34. Team ice baths
35. Walking through Old Montreal on Friday night with Bromely, Wallace and Nick
36. Great car chats with Brom on Fri and Kevin on Sun
37. Realizing on Sunday afternoon that we didn’t stop drinking until after 4am. I blame Gareth and Jchan
38. Loat and Shawn showing up on Sunday morning despite winning the party on Sat night
39. The team hanging out together in the hotel room on Friday night
40. The continuing Zen love on and off the field!

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