26 May 2013
May 26, 2013

May Day Recap

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May Day Results!

Game 1: Zen vs Chilli Bombs

We came out strong and ended up smoking them! Just as we planned!

Game 2: Zen vs NoBS

We put up a good fight and had some points that lasted 20 mins or more… they just couldn’t score with our taxi zone. Unfortunately we couldn’t hold them off forever, and ended up losing 12-6 We had a good run and next time will be even closer as their star player was a pick up.

Game 3: Zen vs Hydra

This was a tough loss. We played hard and fought hard, but ended up losing on universe point. We were working against a tough wind and not making it to half time, didn’t quite help our situation.

Game 4: Zen vs Whiplash 2

Even after our tough loss and a bye, we again, came out strong! At half time we were up 6 points on them, they gave it their best to catch up to our lead but time cap went off and we won 11-8 (I think)

It was a great tourney and we all left we our heads high because we met our goal of winning 2 games and came so close to winning a 3rd one!

Also, we got a 3 remarkable Callahans thanks to Gareth, Dana and Ken! … and Ale for the inspiration!

Well done Zen! We can only go uphill from here!

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