08 Jul 2012
July 8, 2012

Regionals Top 100 Moments

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1. Weber’s fries? shake was pretty good too
2. Forrest Gump saturday night
3. Billy’s cutting/layout catches
4. Pool time at holiday inn
5. Nadine laying out!
6. Kieran D’ing some dude on big fish, falling down, getting up, then D’ing his GF as the disc was still in the air. And of course all the comments afterwards for getting a D on his GF.
7. Nick->Chris Overdrive alumn connection for the universe win against big fish
8. JChan double layout Ds against whiplash, followed by the double happiness score.
9. Annihilating Fresh
10. My two cross field hammers to Cat back to back for the point
11. Kirk’s quickness to get this started
12. Kieran and I connecting for some hucks and then galloway always being 20 yards ahead of his defender for the follow up easy score.
13. Jchan amazingly survived a tournament without a major injury of some sort.
14. My amazing backhand huck to Galloway for the score to push the big fish game to universe
15. Getting VIOLATED by a Big Fish
16. Nadine and my amazing ability to pack her trunk with a lot of stuff (mostly my stuff)
17. Tommy’s skying to save an errant throw at the endzone.
18. Scoring 5 straight to beat Big Fish on universe.
19. Kirk and I almost convincing Cat that Brodie Smith was in Pulp Fiction
20. Shopping for Sarah’s giant Bieber birthday card with Vaylen
21. Nick’s comment to Sarah in said birthday card
22. The team’s huge comeback win against the Fishies
23. Nearly beating Whiplash (who qualified for Nationals)
24. The amazing view of the lake from the restaurant
25. Mei-Rinn’s awesome layout grabs
26. Being tied with Union at one point in the game 😉
27. “Sleeping in” on Sunday morning
28. Listening to Nick sing along to the tunes of Taylor Swift on the ride home
29. Tommy’s “game face” on Facebook 😆
30. Finding out that Wind Mobile has reception in Barrie
32. Selina actually brought a box of mangoes. Actually.
33. Watching this Giants dude’s heart break after losing on universe point with Monica and Machina on the sideline in their game against Big Fish.
34. Making Billy lay out twice. Twice!
35. Chelsea making a great big spoon.
36. Universe point against Big Fish. Running down the sideline and the whole field on the score.
37. “Fuck Fresh” – Captain of Fresh
38. Playing my first Regionals
39. Our team all wearing our awesome uniforms… + Ivan’s green shorts
40. Tossing at the beach while watching the sun set on Friday night
41. Laughing in Walmart with Billy as we chose Sarah’s card
42. Singing Pitbull as we checked in on Friday… “We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn…”
43. Beating Big Fish
44. Killing Fresh
45. Billy’s two layout catches
46. Cat catching every hammer
47. Nick sleeping while watching the Goat vs Nexgen
48. Chris and my matching sun burns
49. The speed at which the Tommy photo went viral
50. Hearing things like ‘Dirty D’ and ‘Kick her in the tit!’ coming from the sideline- thanks Sarah 🙂
51. Kirk’s face when he watched Selina turn a sliced halved mango inside out
52. Mmmm mangoes
53. While all 9 Zen ladies pose for a photo, Ivan announces he would date 5 out of 7 of us
54. Playing games in the car on the ride home while stuck in cottage traffic
55. Msg from Jon on Saturday night
56. Seeing how far we’ve come since try outs.. And playing our best tourney yet!
57. “z-e-N!”
58. Nick (while in line at Weber’s): “Oh ya… look at all these farm girls.”
59. Cat: “Who’s that tall guy from Fresh? Spaghetti?”
60. Getting slapped in the face on two separate occasions by Nick while he snored away beside me
61. My first real layout in a game, and the scratches to prove it!
62. The moral support between Zen and Big Fish, despite our universe point win.
63. Stomping Fresh.
64. Making Union turn the disc sooo many times in a number of points throughout the game.
65. Billy’s layouts.
66. Me asking Ivan which 5 he would date.
67. Pool time!
68. The spirit torch on the boardwalk, spirit games on the beach.
69. Seeing ultimate players from all over congregating at Weber’s
70. Nick NOT getting I’d at the beer store!
71. Our cheering section of Prodigy and Quick & Dirty players during the Big Fish game.
72. Feedback/a defensive tip from one of the Union ladies during the game.
73. Our amazing spirit during time outs.
74. Taking the team to Average Joe’s for dinner.
75. Team bonding watching ultimate videos.
76. Taking pics of anyone who fell asleep first, and posting them on facebook.
77. JChan seat dancing to tunes in the car on the drive up.
78. Everyone’s face when they watched Kirk turn the sliced halved mango outside back in
79. Chicken fight in the pool – me and Kirk vs Mei-Rinn & Nick. Nick sneakily creeping out of the deep end after realizing him chin-deep was no match for Kirk in the deep end.
80. Friday night’s race to Timmies – Kirk on foot and Nick and I in the car. Nick almost following Kirk down a non-road shortcut path straight to the entrance.
81.Physio on Saturday morning: “I only came in as a favour to help fill in for the morning…”
82. Roy player tied to the physio-bed after an injury, apparently his 2nd time tied to a bed. Physio: “AGAIN?! You had a 1st?!”
83. Nadine’s reenactment of Nick’s butt shake. He got moves!
84. Tommy’s smile behind a very sunscreened-splashed face.
85. Chris’ big Ds on Fresh.
86. Selina’s cross-field blade around the other team’s entire zone.
87. Monica’s consistent handling on zone O and shutdown D on the man-to-man D.
88. Selina (at dinner): “You owe me $20… or two lap dances in Montreal.”
89. Kirk’s veteran stop-look-go and grab on the huck.
90. The support and sidelining from all the players who didn’t play much on Saturday.
91. Gavin (Big Fish) with his hands on his shorts. Oh, the anticipation!
93. happy morning faces on sunday to breakfast
94. crushing fresh with our 10 point lead!!
95. before leaving to go home, Selina walks up to Matt and I coming out of washroom in her “sneaky” sort of way…. selina: so did your boyfriend come? I point to matt, there’s matt. selina: well where is he? Selina he’s right here…. funny at the time, you had to be there…. Matt was standing right next to me 🙂 In addition to that, everyone else asking the same question before realizing he was there in the stands.
96. Selina not only bringing the mangoes but cutting them all up for us to eat!! what a star!!!
97. That card. You guys rock! I have it beside my bed and will for many years
98. Vaylen with sweet grabs
99. Mei-Rynn’s strikes!
100. Chelsea’s awesome and very fitting reaction to the girl who tripped over her own feet only to call a fowl and then a pick. Chelsea then proceeded to take it out on the next girl she was defending by dominating her all over the field.
101. Ivan’s lay outs.
102. JChan being healthy the whole time!
103. Kirk’s razor sharp cuts
104. Catherine’s one-handed grabs anytime the disc was in 20 feet of her
105. Spanking Big Fish and Fresh for Kieran and Nadine! 🙂
106. We need to find Ivan a girlfriend!
107. So Nick… farm girls eh? yeehaw
108. Being past 100 moments!
109. Vaylen’s 2-4 of gatoradeeeee! And other surprise snacks!
110. Putting the spirit torch sitting in the front seat of V’s car, belted in.
112. Ivan repeatedly being knocked around and ALWAYS getting up 🙂
113. As per all tourneys and said, the sun-safe Tommy “Ghostface” Killa.
114.. Getting to see people’s faces when they heard Quick and Dirty beat BFC and Union lost to BFC?!
115. Machina and I trying to forbid 218 become the party room, but then looking around at 20-odd zenlings adorably snuggled up together infront of the TV. “PARTY TIL THE AM!” “No.” “Midnight?” “No.” “11:45?” “Ok..11:45 TOPS”. haha

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