Mission Statement

To foster individual growth based upon fundamental skill development, guided fitness programs, and mental preparation. To provide a fun and competitive environment through individual and team-oriented goals.

What to Expect this Season

This season we will be integrating practices with Union with the focus of improving skills and game-knowledge. Zen will act as a bridge between Union and MMV to create a cohesive vision within the Ultimate Mixed division. With the help of dedicated captains and full-time coaches, players will be provided with the opportunity to take their game to the next level.

Zen will guide players through this section of the mixed system using full-time coaches at every practice and tournament, sending players to tournaments with Union when possible, epic guest coaches (stay tuned for that) and personalized goal-setting determined by each player. We believe that investing in our player development and leadership will be a key factor in having a successful season, translating to securing a bid for Nationals in Saskatoon! Join us at tryouts if you are interested in paving the way for a team that is fun and competitively driven.

Zen 2018 at a Glance

  • ✓ Dedicated Coaches and Captains
  • ✓ Guest Coaches
  • ✓ Closing the gap between Union and Zen
  • ✓ Teach players the underlying skills and game-knowledge
  • ✓ Individualized goal setting and action plans