17 Jul 2013
July 17, 2013

Regionals Recap

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In the few days post-regionals, I’ve been busy catching up with work that got pushed back b/c of regionals prep stuff, but still want to post my thoughts on the weekend. I’ve also struggled to find the right words that reflect what I think, and how I feel, about regionals. Word like intensity, family, fun, grind, hungry, proud, Zen love, and amazing are all first to pop into my mind.

Simply put, this weekend was amazing, and though we didn’t qualify for Nats, I’m so proud of how we played. Our 4 game win streak (Big Fish, TWO, Quick and Dirty, Whiplash) was awesome! Grinding, and playing with such intensity against BFC (a perennial Nats team) that they had to shorten their bench as much as we were shortening ours, and losing by 1 point is HUGE!

The three game stretch on Saturday of Q&D, Whiplash, & BFC shows the kind of potential we have when we’re firing on all cylinders. Let’s bring that to No Borders and stomp some teams there!! Why? Because we’re HUNGRY!!!

See you guys at practice.

Much love, Zen Family! (Or, in the immortal words of Ale, I play Zen, I love it!!)
Matt Machina

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